Day 9: I wear pink for....

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is the signature color. 

ピンクと言えば、わたしの大好きな映画:キューティーブロンドLegally blond)をテーマにコーデしてみました。あまり実践的なコーデではないですが、色が激しい分、服装はシンプルなデザインでアクセサリーシューズはゴージャスな感じでまとめてみした。

"Pink" is my favorite color and it reminds me my favorite movie - "Legally Blond", so this time, I collaborate Breast Cancer Awareness X Legally Blond into fashion.
It may not look like very practical set, but here is a quick advice from me and you can apply this when you want to wear a bright color. 
Choose simple design clothes and play with gorgeous accessories. 

Although you may not want to wear tops/bottom/bags, everything in pink, you can incorporate a pink item in your fashion and go out/ go to work so that pink transform your action/word you speak into more womanliness.  (You have never experienced that your attitude/walking is changed when you wear a gorgeous dress?, you know what I mean?)

I wear pink for....

I wear pink for.... by chippylife featuring Legally Blond X Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why don't you book your appointment or encourage your mom/sisters to book an appointment?
From my experience, you won't be able to have mammography or echo unless your family doctor diagnosed by his/her hands or unless you are more than 40's old and you have a family history.  I suspects this is because all medical stuff is free in Alberta to limit people to undergo these tests, but from my point of view as Japanese, I feel there is a gap in the meaning of "cancer early detection".  We have an advanced technology to detect your cancer at the early stage which a family doctor even can't find it by using hands, why it's not available to any women? I know some people who were in 20's had a breast cancer. By wearing pink, I hope the real awareness comes into action. 

Pink Ribbon International (English) click here

HUGO tops
HUGO sleeveless top

HUGO stretchy skirt stylebop.com
HUGO stretchy skirt

Kate Spade leather shoes couture.zappos.com
Kate Spade leather shoes

Chanel pearl earrings

Western ring

Pink Ribbon Estée Lauder

Clinique pink


Get Inspired! Find your Fall Handbag

みなさんは秋バッグどんなものを使用してますか?What kind of bag are you using in this fall?
秋・冬トレンドをみてみると、案外そうでもないみたい。Speaking of bag in fall, we relatively tend to chooese a dark/simple bag that we can use in winter as well.

Find your Fall Handbag

Find your Fall Handbag by chippylife

♡ ♥ ♔ ♬ Look for outfit coordinate with fall bag here ♡ ♥ ♔ ♬
♡ ♥ ♔ ♬ 秋旬バッグのコーデはこちらから ♡ ♥ ♔ ♬



Summary of this fall/winter bag trend


ファーのバッグ Fur bag

毎年定番。It's universal trend.
It gives/adds our style gourgeous looking, so it's very attractive to have one.


カラーもの。 Colorful bag

秋・冬はモノトーンっていう既成概念をやぶりましょう。今年のデザイナーラインは多様なカラーのコレクションが多い。 ダークなイメージがある冬だからこそ、カラーもののバッグでアクセントし、気分アップもありかも。
Let's break the stereotype autumn and winter - monotone color.  Designer lines this year varies in different colors. Precisely because there is a dark image for winter, color bag may boost your mood up.

でかかばん。Big (specious) bag

女性はどこにいくにも必要なものが多くないですか?鏡・化粧品・スケジュールブック・香水・筆記用具・などなど。そして特に忙しい女性は仕事のあともなにかといくところが多いですよね。でかかばんは今年のトレンドなのでこの機に衣チェンジもよいかと。 ちなみにあたしの愛用のバッグは母にもらったルイスビトン。チャックもなく、いれたいものいれまくり。
Everywhere you (woman) goes, we need everything.  Hasn't your partner never asked why your bag is so heavy? Here is women's secret. We carries mirror, wallet, schedule books, cosmetics (lipsticks, powder etc), sewing kids, first aid, etc.  Particularly busy woman needs to go many places in a day, right?  Bigger bag make your day easy.


ちびかばん。  Tiny bag.

This is one of my shopping list.  Tiny bag.  It's not only for party/clubbing but for going to convenient store.  There are a lot of designs out there, so if you have 1-2 depending on your style, it may be very useful. Compare to other handbag, it's less pricy as it's small, so you may be able to buy 2 depending on your occasion as well.


ショルダーバッグ Shoulder Bag

My favorite Samantha Thavasa Vegas shoulder bag has recently broken. It's so sad. I love shoulder bag because my both hands free!


チックレザー Chick Leather

レザーはトレンド。レザー=ライダーというイメージがある私、ちょっとためらいがちのレザーアイテム。 フェイクのものから始めてみるのもよしかと。
Leather is a trend. Leather = Rider, so some of them hesitate to buy a lether item. You may want to start from fake leather too!


クラッチ Clutch

It's not only for party use.  A lot of trendy fashionista is using on regular basis by coordinating with jeans. Clutch bag adds elegance on your look too.  There are bunch of style out there. 

やっぱり年の表れなのか、30代になると、デザインやトレンドだけでなく、お金はかかっても質のいいものをもっておきたいこの頃です。 特にカナダは安いか高いかのどっちか。日本のようにミドルレンジでいいものっていうのが少ない。質は値段に比例するのがカナダの買い物事情でしょうか。 もうすぐ日本に帰って買い物するのが楽しみです!
This may be a sign of age, but when you get older, you want a really good one besides design/trend.  Even though I pay an extra, I want a good quality one.  Now, in Canada, shopping is hard. Especially in Calgary. You can find too expensive or cheap. There is no item in middle range + decent quality like in Japan. (I may just don't know how to shop in Calgary, though) The quality seems to proportional to the price here. So I am so excited to go back to Japan soon to shop!

Melie Bianco crossbody handbag
Melie Bianco crossbody handbag
$110 - fashion-conscience.com
J Crew j crew handbag  jcrew.com
Reed Krakoff satchel bag  saksfifthavenue.com
Reed Krakoff satchel bag
Tory burch satchel
Kimchi blue  urbanoutfitters.com
Kimchi blue
Dooney bourke  dooney.com
Dooney bourke
MICHAEL Michael Kors leather handbag  saksfifthavenue.com
Lace handbag  anthropologie.com
Lace handbag
Tory Burch hobo handbag  saksfifthavenue.com
Tory Burch hobo handbag
Tory burch handbag  saksfifthavenue.com
Tory burch handbag
Diane von Furstenberg Harper Connect Multi-Media Bag For Ipad  saksfifthavenue.com
Diane von Furstenberg Harper Connect Multi-Media Bag For Ipad


Original Quick & Lazy Hot Quinoa Recipes

*The following texts are written in Japanese and English.

I met quinoa about two years ago.

日本人ですので白米中心の食事ですが、週に1−2回白米のかわりにキヌアを食べるようにしています。 健康志向の方はもうすでにご存知であろう食材。カッテ-ジチーズと同様に無理せずにキレイにやせたいダイエット食品の定番。
As I am Japanese, my meal is rice centered diet, but I am trying to eat quinoa replacing with white rice 1-2 times a week.  people who care about healthy diet must be familiar with Quinoa. Similar to Cottage-cheese, quinoa is very common food among ladies who want to loose weight without too much hassle. 
  • キノアは低カロリーで高タンパク質で栄養豊富 Nutrient-rich quinoa is low in calories and high in protein
  • コレステロールと血圧上昇を防ぐ効果ありEffective in preventing the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol
  • アミノ酸カルシウムや鉄なども豊富 Rich iron and calcium amino acid

It's brilliant solution for women to able take a high nutritious meal in small portion very quickly.

今回は冷蔵庫にあるものでキヌアをつかっておいしくできたオリジナルレシピを紹介したいと思います。 This time, I would like to introduce my original instant recipe that I used whatever I had in my fridge.

By the way, it's ridiculously hard to get a fresh seafood, so I used the frozen shrimp and squid. It was rush, so I De-freezed in water like 10min.

用意するもの (3人分) 
Ingredients for 3 persons
  • キヌア 1カップ Quinoa 1 cup
  • キヌアを炊く水 〔キヌアの2倍〕 Water to cook Quinoa 2 cups (always X2)
  • にんにく1片 Garlic 1 clove
  • ズッキーニ 1本  Zucchini 1
  • えび 9個ー12個 〔適当〕 Shrimp 9-12 (depends on how you like)
  • イカ  2分の1カップ 〔適当〕 Squid 1/2 cup (depends on how you like)
  • 炒めるようのオリーブオイル 〔テーブルスプーン2杯くらい〕 Olive oil 2 tbsp
  • ホワイトワイン 〔テーブルスプーン2杯くらい〕 White wine 2tbsp
  • 塩コショウ お好みの量 Salt&Pepper as much you like
  • チリペッパー お好みの量 chili pepper as much you like
  • パルメザンチーズ お好みの量 Parmesan cheese as much you like

1. キヌアの準備。お米を研ぐ感覚で水で洗い、なべにキヌアの2倍の水をいれて煮立ってきたら火を弱め、ふたをして水分がほぼなくなり、ひげのような物が出てくるまで15分ほど加熱します
Prepare for quinoa. Wash and rince quinoa quickly and drain the water. Put quinoa and water into cooking pod. Bring to boil, cover with lid, and turn the heat down to simmer. Cook for 15min. Remove quinoa from the heat and sit five minutes with the lids on.


When you see a white string coming out from quinoa, it's a sign to turn off the heat.


While you are cooking quinoa, let's prepare for zucchini and seafood.
Remove shells from shrimp and wash(scrub) with salt to reduce the smell. Rince with water. 
Mince a garlic
Cut zucchini like this. half moon cut.


Put minced garlic, chili pepper, and olive oil and put on heat.


When garlic started to smell, put zucchini in. 

When zucchini cook halfway (looks transparent), put seafood in.


Put white wine and salt and pepper and fry it until seafood is cooked.

Put quinoa in and mix evenly .

Sprinkle parmesan cheese and mix it quickly.


If you have a time, you can serve with salad or/and soup.

 おまけ ♡  addition

最近はまっているドリンク  My favorite drink right now

炭酸水 Soda water

Some of them you may know, soda water has benefits in


"Vascular expansion" "Metabolism up" "Resolve Constipation" " Recovery from fatigue" "Diet"



My boyfriend loves pop. As you know, pop contains sugar and caffein, so it's bad for you.  Now he replaces pop with soda+fruit fresh juice (grapefruit, lemon, orange) or regular organic juice. It works for him!  

Day 8: 秋旬バッグが着こなしのアクセント。 自転車で秋を探しに。 Accent with Fall Handbag. Look for autum by bike.


I tried to come up with a coordinate with fall seasonal bag.

In Calgary where I live, we need a car everywhere we go. My lifestyle is relying on car and I sometimes feel sad for myself that I miss a lot of opportunities to feel some changes going on outside. color, smell, wind... everyday changes.
Calgary has a lot of parks, trees in the park is now in full swing in the foliage. I think I will have to go looking for fall by bicycle because snow is coming soon!

今回のバッグはDooney bourkeからピック。
Dooney bourke をVogue, Teen Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, Lucky, InStyleなどでお見かけした人もあるかもしれませんが、アメリカのブランドみたいです。 色がとってもいいし、機能性もばつぐん。レトロな感じもでてて使いこなせば使いこなすほど味がでてきそうなバッグ。知的な感じもよし。

I picked this bag from Dooney bourke.
There may be some people who see this brand in Vogue, Teen Vogue, ELLE, Vanity Fair, Lucky, InStyle, etc.  This brand seems to be one of the American brands. Very nice retro color and excellent functionality. The more use, the more this bag's charming would be come out.  It looks so intellectual as well.

Fall Handbag

HENRY CHRIST cashmere sweater
HENRY CHRIST cashmere sweater
$385 - jades24.com

Blazer  topshop.com

Replay skinny jeans vanmildert.com
Replay skinny jeans
$205 - vanmildert.com

Lanvin knee high boots ssense.com
Dooney bourke  dooney.com
Dooney bourke

Michael kor  asos.com
Michael kor

Hat ginatricot.com
$26 - ginatricot.com


Love Madonna ♥ マドンナラブ





今年のクリスマスプレゼントの買い物リスト入り。"Truth Or Dare By Madonna" 

Day 7: Fall in Red X Purple

Why don't you play with your red/purple item on your regular clothes today?

Fall in Red X Purple

Mary Katrantzou a line dress
Mary Katrantzou a line dress
$1,750 - brownsfashion.com

Casadei high heel shoes
Casadei high heel shoes

Burberry handbag
Burberry handbag

Ellen Arthur cuff bracelet
Ellen Arthur cuff bracelet

Borsalino wide brim hat
Borsalino wide brim hat
$230 - farfetch.com

Vera wang fragrance
Vera wang fragrance


Day 6: Fall Footwear selected from freepeople.com

When you buy booties, I have to be a smart shopper. 

I always consider if this item can be useful for other clothes in my closet. I also consider if this item is not only for a one season. 
Trend is changing all the times, but you spent a couple of hundred on booties and you won't wear it next year when you see the new trend booties? 
Probably some people sell(give) it and buy a new one, or some people just like to be on top of the trend, but.... not for me. 

So, this picked item is very simple, neutral color which you can match easily, and design is very classic. You can wear this when you are "on" mode and "off" mode. 

Also, remember.  This looks very high heels, but there is a wedge inside of this shoes, so you will feel more comfortable to wear/walk.  I am absolutely falt shoes type, but sometimes high heel shoes make you feel more woman, so I still want to wear it.  Thick platform would be the solution. 

Hope this tip helps for you who are thinking to buy a new booties this fall. 

Fall Footwear

Ted Baker sequin dress tedbaker-london.com
Ted Baker sequin dress

Denim shirt chicnova.com
Denim shirt

Blazer $52 - ginatricot.com
$52 - ginatricot.com

Nudie Jeans Co. straight leg jeans $245 - generalpants.com.au
Nudie Jeans Co. straight leg jeans
$245 - generalpants.com.au

Free People platform heels freepeople.com

Jas MB rucksack backpack barneys.com

A Wear clutch purse $32 - awear.com
A Wear clutch purse
$32 - awear.com

DANNIJO victorian jewelry dannijo.com

Bracelet $26 - diva.net.au
$26 - diva.net.au

Bounkit teardrop earrings charmandchain.com
Bounkit teardrop earrings