Day 9: I wear pink for....

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and pink is the signature color. 

ピンクと言えば、わたしの大好きな映画:キューティーブロンドLegally blond)をテーマにコーデしてみました。あまり実践的なコーデではないですが、色が激しい分、服装はシンプルなデザインでアクセサリーシューズはゴージャスな感じでまとめてみした。

"Pink" is my favorite color and it reminds me my favorite movie - "Legally Blond", so this time, I collaborate Breast Cancer Awareness X Legally Blond into fashion.
It may not look like very practical set, but here is a quick advice from me and you can apply this when you want to wear a bright color. 
Choose simple design clothes and play with gorgeous accessories. 

Although you may not want to wear tops/bottom/bags, everything in pink, you can incorporate a pink item in your fashion and go out/ go to work so that pink transform your action/word you speak into more womanliness.  (You have never experienced that your attitude/walking is changed when you wear a gorgeous dress?, you know what I mean?)

I wear pink for....

I wear pink for.... by chippylife featuring Legally Blond X Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Why don't you book your appointment or encourage your mom/sisters to book an appointment?
From my experience, you won't be able to have mammography or echo unless your family doctor diagnosed by his/her hands or unless you are more than 40's old and you have a family history.  I suspects this is because all medical stuff is free in Alberta to limit people to undergo these tests, but from my point of view as Japanese, I feel there is a gap in the meaning of "cancer early detection".  We have an advanced technology to detect your cancer at the early stage which a family doctor even can't find it by using hands, why it's not available to any women? I know some people who were in 20's had a breast cancer. By wearing pink, I hope the real awareness comes into action. 

Pink Ribbon International (English) click here

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