"Wow" Japanese culture and 50s-era nostalgia back by PRADA!

Prada surprised me. 

As being Japanese, it is very happy and excited to see how Prada understood our culture & Japanese beauty and transformed into the shape in novel and quite unconventional design.  
Floral motif prints on the dress is reminiscent of cherry blossoms (Sakura) blooming in the spring in Japan. Sakura, very soft and gentle pink colors is a symbol of the coming season bloom after we withstand the cold of winter.  There is a beauty in Sakura that bloom quietly and strongly.
Sakura has also a beauty that appeals to the sensibilities of Japanese, which is flowers' short life and a time Sakura scatters on the ground. We call this "Mononoaware" or "fragility'. 

Flower prints reminds me also a Kamon which Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. 

Also, big thick platform sandals, layers around waist and socks quickly connects me to the Kimono. North American people maybe connected to Geisha. 
Kimono is actually very inconvenient and uncomfortable clothes. But Prada really pin-pointed the uniqueness, simplified and translated the beauty of kimono into very modan, new, and innovative design. Just a note, around the neck part, you need to loosen and angle the edge. Around shoulder, woman lower it to seduce man, or to be in sexy. 

I was very fascinated by their deep understanding of Japanese culture and beauty of their creation. 

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