When you go to starbucks, you should have been asked your name to put on the cups, shouldn't you? This is always what I get on my cup. 
Wrong name on starbucks coffee 
No! My name is Chifumi!! 
So funny! But So sad!

When I go to restaurant to put my name down, when I go to doctor office, hair salon, optometrist, etc my name always give them hard time to pronounce it. My name is very unique, even among Japanese people, so I can understand and I forgive them :) 

In the opposite side, I can’t pronounce “R” and “L” very well, so it’s even. 

One time, my friend went to subway and ordered “club sandwich”. She was expecting to a meat yummy fresh sandwich, but what it came out of the bar was ...

“crab sandwich”

One time my boyfriend was driving and I had to navigate him. My boyfriend asked me in rush “Did you say to turn left at the bank?” 

me: “Right! ” (he though it’s “ light”) 
While we were repeating the conversation to make sure, he missed the turn and he turned at the light…..
Oh well, it happens. 

We pronounce restaurant cook/chef: “cock” コック(さん) 

Yes, I know.. When we finish to eat something that somebody cooked for you, we always say, “Gochisousama deshita” which can be translated in “You are the good cook.” So, if pronounce in Japanese way, it will be the embarrassing moment for sure. 

Anyway, It's so interesting when we pronounce/mispronounce differently.  I am enjoying this culture and languages. And.. I am so glad that my name/pronunciation doesn’t have any bad/embarrassing meaning. 

By the way, in France, Chifumi means “Rock Paper Scissors” 


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