Most expensive inpulsive shopping ever!

Oops!” Most impulsive shopping ever in my life. 

Mac Book Air
 mac book air 

Since I became to be addicted to write a blog, my impulse hit me. I want a lighter laptop/netbook! so that I can carry laptop anywhere I go, like cafe. To be honest, this may be an excuse to feel better, but I am going back home to Japan next month, so I wanted to have more mobile easy ones so that I can kill my time at airport. And, I will have a lot of time of my own in Japan while everyone (my friends) are working on weekdays. 

 I used to have iPad. I sold it. Because I didn't like the way Flash didn't function and I couldn't use touch panel efficiently to type a long emails/documents. I still keep my schedule in my schedule book. Maybe it's just a sign of age... iPadは使ってましたが、FLASHが動作しないこと、あとタイピングがうまくできないので売っちゃいました。iphone使用者ですがテキストメッセージをうつのはいいけど、長文メールや文書をタイプしたりするのにわたくし、使えこなせません。いまだにスケジュール管理はスケジュールブックです。

 Do you prefer Apple? or Windows?Apple派 Windows派 分かれるっていいますよね?I don't have any specific preference. I like Apple and I don't hate Apple. But I won't be the only person who are attracted to apple products. There are bunch of machines out there which have the similar functionality. But Apple products appeal to me. 

Last week, iPhone 5 was released and it's been a hot topic all over the world. "I want to touch it". "I want to use it." "I want to experience it." "I want to be an apple users." "I want to be a witness in 21 centuries." There must be something trick or fascination in Apple product. Their mind-set which consistently produce new technology every time makes me very vital too. 
先日iphone 5が発売されて話題になってますが、やっぱり触ってみたい、使ってみたい、Apple ユーザーになりたい。そう思わせる魅力があるんだと思います。次から次へと新しい技術をだしてくるマインドに活気性を感じるんです

What appeals the most to me特に私が魅了されるのは 
  • Design デザイン 
  • originality 独自性 
  • Strong blandness 
  • ブランドIn terms of functionality 

  •  Interface  使いやすいインターフェイス  
  • Compatibility 互換性 
  • Strong to Virus ウィルスに強い(ウィルスソフトインストールしなくてもいいんだって)
  • Compatible with windows  Windowsも使える 

 Thin! Innovative design! Beauty! この薄さ。革新的でキレイ 
mac book air side

 It was the same weight as my italian recipe book. 
mac book air 
I was surprised with the easiest installation. Also, I found the Ainu language (native Japanese language) in Japanese. Brilliant. 

 750 CAD + GST. It was the most expensive impulsive shopping before going back to Japan, but I got thrilled and pumped up in living with mac book. What a privilege to live in this high technology world and experience the product that human made.  

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