I am so excited to start my own blog and how awesome that I can share with everyone around the world.

I am originally from Japan and live in Calgary, Canada since 2006, so my apology that my English is not perfect.

I am currently working as a Analyst in Marketing field. My mind is relatively logical and practical, so my job should be a right fit.

But there is something more that I feel passionate of:


I have just turned to be 30 and life is getting stable. Life focus has been changing, but something that I love has never gone away. I like new trend. I like cool fashion. I like to see people who rock on their style. I just wanted to treasure my passion and I hope this place would be the one to pursue just being who I am.

I also wants to share the living style in Canada to share with people in Japan.

My other interests are the healthy food and travel.


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