Entered to 29+1 years old...

September 1, 11:07am (JST), 1982.   I was born into this world.  


Many highlights in my life were given by many people around the world and by opportunities which grew me and shaped me as who I am in the last 30 years. 

I explored myself in teens. There was no such a word  -  "fear".    First time to cross the ocean was at the age of 12.  Little kimono girl went to Boston to performed Japanese song (Do-yo).  I was little nervous, so my trick was to take out my glasses so that I won't see people's face.  The light was hot and I saw blurry camera flashes.  I still remember.  This little kimono kid was also inspired by translator woman.  She was so cool.
This experience opened my eyes towards other culture and countries which led me to to visit to Australia and Thailand in late teens. 

I dashed through 20's.  Did I breath? I don't even remember. But I can name 20's as a golden age.  I went to Colorado State University for 10 months as an exchange student from the University in Osaka, Japan.  The time that I spent in Colorado was the best of my life.  So much fun, so many challenges, so many new things every single day.  I enjoyed myself in many ways including beer helmet.  Good times.  

I met my best friend there and traveled to New Orleans just to visit to Cafe Du Monde.  I also planed to go to Virgin island during a spring break and ended up to arrive in Virginia State by mistake!!!  I traveled as a backpacker to Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Netherland, Germany) in winter too.   I visited to NY city and fell in love with NY. 
I took my yellow suite case to Banff in Canada in 2006, then I took a greyhound bus and came to where I am.  It was stressful to find a professional job with my lower confidence in English level and it was a painful process to renew a working visa and change to permanent status.  I also did a biggest shopping in my life. - purchased car and house. 

That's my quick highlight. 

Looking back these days, what comes to my heart first is "appreciation" ( Kansha 感謝).  Thanks to God, my parents, my families, my all friends that I met and supported me. 

This is one of my favorite quotes: 

May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet; enough trails to keep you strong; enough success to keep you eager; enough faith to give you courage;and enough determination to make each day a good day.  

In pursuing this, there was/is great people around me.  I simply appreciate that. 


I had a great birthday and entered in confident to 30's. My boyfriend also took me to the restaurant that I always wanted to go.  -  Tango Bistro. I found that it was very similar to IZAKAYA in Japan.  All dishes are small portion and eat as an appetizer.  We can order dishes by 1-2 each time until our stomach is full.  There are a variety of menu for vegetarian, gluten free, meat lover.  Sometimes it is hard to find a good restaurant to go with people who has a food preferences, but this place should meet your all criteria. We had... 

Braised Pear and Blackberry Salad -  Arugula, balsamic glaze, candied pecans, Canadian brie 


Cedar Baked Brie - Sour cherry compote, crostinis

 Seared Scallops - Parsnip nutmeg puree, wild mushrooms

Cheesesteak Poutine -  Braised short rib, sautéed mushrooms, Montreal curds  

Did I make you hungry now?  They were all delicious. Unfortunately, my stomach was so full so I wasn't able to eat a dessert. I wonder how and what it will be in my 30's.  It's little bit different with a picture I draw in my head when I was a kid, when I was teens and when I was 20's.  I have already feel a change mentally and physically.  I can't against the nature but embrace it. My 30's... To be continued....

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